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Termite Control in New York City

Termite infestations are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Unlike other insect infestations, they’re not just a frustration. They’re not just a hassle. They’re a hazard. And they threaten the structural integrity of homes throughout New York City every day.

Doc's Pest Control Inc. is a qualified termite removal specialist with years of experience in the field. Our extermination experts know that dealing with a termite infestation is different than dealing with other types of infestations. They require a particular strategy and specific set of tactics. Especially since, once they’re gone, we need to make sure that they don’t come back.

Termite Inspection

At the first sign of an infestation you need to call Doc's Pest Control Inc.. We’ll send one of our certified extermination experts over to inspect your home. Our expert will look for signs of a termite presence and the relative severity of the infestation.

They’ll look for what are called termite shelter tubes. The residue of these tubes (once the nest has been removed) look like squiggly lines of sand along the hard surface of a concrete wall or foundation. Other kinds of termites build tunnels underground.

Finding these tunnels and the air holes that they use to escape and breathe underground is crucial. This evidence will be used to identify the habits of the termite species in question.

Termites will often make a lot of noise. Because they are mother nature’s professional excavators, they spend most of their time digging underground and chewing up wood. When a whole colony is hard at work, you can hear them scratching and biting. In the excavation process, termites produce a kind of mud that can be seen on the surface of walls or foundations. This is evidence not only of termites but of the damage already done to your home.

Termite Extermination

Our pest exterminators will then set up a plan to eliminate the colony. They’ll install termite bait around your home or business. This bait will attract the termites that are searching for food. When they bring the bait back to the colony, every termite that eats it will die. The goal, of course, is to kill the queen who is in many ways the source of the colony itself. Many people will recognize this strategy if they’ve ever dealt with ant or cockroach colonies. It uses the social aspect of termite societies against them.

Termite Barrier

In some cases, it’s necessary to install termite barriers that prevent future termite colonies from accessing your building. These pesticide-free barriers serve as a mechanical blockage that stops termites before they can come close. Termite barriers can often last up to 15 years and therefore serve as a preventative measure against future infestations.

Termite Experts

Our exterminators are not just trained to find and remove termite infestations. They’re trained to think like termites. They know their habits. They know how they’ll react under different conditions. This gives them the unique ability to eliminate infestations in New York City homes with unsurpassed efficiency.

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