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Specialized Pest Control for Restaurants in New York City

Overzealous health inspectors and fickle customers aren’t the only threats to your restaurant’s success here in New York. Rats, rodents, ants, pantry moths, and other pests are dying to take a bite out of your profits, and your competitors won’t mind a bit.

The DIY approach to pest control might be enough for homeowners who aren’t dealing with a significant infestation, but as a restaurant owner, you have only one option: act the minute you realize you have a pest problem, or lose your business.

Restaurants in New York already face intense competition and high rents. A single day of lost business can make or break your establishment.

And it’s not unheard of to see restaurants get shuttered for up to three weeks if a concerned customer phones in a tip to the New York City Health Department.

When you see a cockroach, rat, ant or another pest on your premises, even if you’re not sure, don’t think twice. Call Doc's Pest Control Inc. immediately. Our special pest control service for restaurants kitchens is thorough, effective, and rapid. We move at breakneck speed to identify breeding grounds for common pests, seal off entry points, and take the right measures to kill live populations and prevent them from reproducing.

Mouse Traps Won’t Cut It: How to Get Rid of Rats and Mice in Your Kitchen

As the saying goes, if you see a single rat or mouse in your kitchen, you already have a problem. Doc's Pest Control Inc. will come in the same day you call and perform a thorough inspection of your entire kitchen, from the food holding areas to the outside of the building.

Proper food storage is critical. If we see that rodents have contaminated your pantry, we will advise on the best measures to deal with this problem.

We work to identify entry and exit points for rodents into your facility, then seal them off.

We place proven poisons that are safe for you and your employees, but are devastating to the rodents trying to set up shop on your dime. We’ll also follow up regularly to make sure your problem has been resolved.

Cockroaches: The Threat to Restaurants Everywhere

The only threat to your restaurant more dire than rodents is cockroaches.

Don’t believe us?

Go ahead and search the NYC Health Department’s list of restaurants shuttered or given a C grade.

What’s the common denominator?


If you see one roach, especially during daytime hours, you could already have hundreds. Doc's Pest Control Inc. will come in, swiftly advise you on the cleaning necessary to deprive roaches of their food and water, and will aggressively lay effective traps to clear them from your property.

The Best Pest Control Company Near Me for Restaurants

Only Doc's Pest Control Inc. has the experience and know-how required to take out a pest problem before it snowballs out of control. For the sake of your livelihood and the community depending on you for delicious food, call us—before it’s too late.

Call us for further information and a free assessment.

Pigeon Facts

  • A single pigeon produces up to 25 lbs. of droppings annually
  • There are over 400 million pigeons worldwide

Pigeons and starlings have been associated with several aircraft collisions.

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